Welcome to the Biggest Goth and Industrial Night in Oxford

Welcome to the official website for Intrusion, Oxford’s goth and industrial club night. The night is a monthly event and is held The Cellar in Oxford’s city centre. Intrusion is now in its eighth year running, and has a regular crowd supporting it, joining us every month from Oxford itself and from other cities and other counties.

This website has taken us a little while to produce, due to domestic problems like jobs, time (a lack of), and moving house. It is still a work in progress, and will be updated bit by bit. Please bear with us in the meantime….

Oxfords previous club night, Disturbance, was a night that set the standards for Intrusion. Taking place on a Monday night, it managed to pull about a hundred people through the door, which is an achievement in itself. It was voted 2nd best goth night in the UK to Slimelight on a UPG poll, and was a great night to go to, with two dance floors and aesthetically being a great venue to house the goth scene. Unfortunately all good things have to come to an end. Some of the DJs were having problems traveling to the night due to work circumstances and resources were running out. Disturbance closed down in 1999.

So the scene in Oxford became fairly innate, there was a weekly DJ night at The Gloucester Arms, when the infamous DeeTee would entertain Goths with all the classics, but it wasn’t enough. The Gloc, being one of the smaller pubs in Oxford, had no space for a dance floor, and would become very full once all the Goths had arrived to share the pub with it’s regulars. The night soon became exhausted and less attendees were turning up week by week. It was called to a close in winter 1999. A substantial amount of the Oxgoths had moved away from Oxford as well, after finishing degrees and becoming responsible people rather than students.

Then the Morpheus Project arrived, engineered by Alex Page and Isaiah. Unfortunately Morpheus Project died out after many problems with finding a suitable venue and a non-apathetic crowd to attend; many Oxgoths seemed to have given up the idea of a regular social occurrence and Oxford’s goth scene went into limbo.

However, after a little time, the interest to venture out again became apparent and Penny Goodman persuaded people to meet up on Tuesday nights again. This time at Antiquity Hall, a Goth friendly pub, which was spacious and had a nice atmosphere, as well as those all important drink promotions. Everyone began to remember what everyone else looked like again. The Oxgoths were back on the scene. Soon we all started to reminisce about Disturbance and the good ol’ times. People started to miss the event of a local club night, as getting everyone organized enough to take a trip to Slimelight or Full Tilt in London proved to be very difficult.

I among other people had various rants in the pub about getting a club night going again; it was one of these moments at my place of work back then that got us where we are now.

Emily Cooper, one of my colleagues, was lending a kind ear to my mumblings and suggested out of the blue that we start a goth band night at The Cellar where she did event organizing. I asked if it would be possible to put on a DJ club night rather than a band night as it would be better accepted by the Goth scene, and easier to run in my opinion. In a few days time Emily got back to me about the arrangements; we had been given the chance to run a trial night, if all went well we could have a monthly slot for the foreseeable future, all we had to do was choose a night out of the ones available.

No weekend nights were available, so I decided it was best to use Tuesday nights as we already met up on Tuesdays, and most of the Oxgoths would be able to make it to the night. I enlisted the help of DeeTee. I asked if he would be willing to dust off his CD collection and put up with lugging them around Oxford once again, and co-organize the club with me as he knew more about the DJ side of things. I posted an appeal to most Goth mailing lists in the South for any DJs who would like to perform at the night. Doktor Joy contacted us, amongst others. We were nearly ready to go, but we needed a name for the night, again I asked people on mailing lists for suggestions and Penny came up with “Intrusion”.

The first night in May 2001 was a success; everyone made a huge effort to come along to the night, traveling form all over the South to make it. The Cellar proved to be an ideal venue for Intrusion. Doktor Joy became our House DJ alongside DeeTee and everyone enjoyed themselves. The Cellar gave their permission for us to run the night every month. We now mark June as Intrusion’s anniversary or Birthday as it’s become affectionately known, as June 2001 saw the club launch and become a large part of Oxford’s alternative scene.